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Solaraay - manufacturers of Solar Power assisted Hot Water Systems since 1992 based in Sri Lanka. The quality and the high recognition of our solar energy water heating products have brought us into a position between the top solar water heater manufacturers in Sri Lanka. Solaraay water heaters can be mounted on any type of roof or even on flat concrete roof tops. The company is located in the heart of Negombo (34km away from Colombo).

Solaraay water heaters are an environmentally friendly solution to reduce your electricity bill. Our Solar Power   water heating systems reduces energy by 30% to 70% depending on location, household size, and usage pattern. Solar energy hot water systems save money on electricity, reduce carbon emission, and lower our dependency on other forms of energy. We have a network where our units can be installed in any part of Sri Lanka.

Solar Power Products in Sri Lanka. High quality solar energy water heaters

Our Mission
Solaraay is dedicated to bringing affordable solar power solutions to customers who are now priced out of traditional renewable energy technologies. Solaraay uses innovative design, marketing and manufacturing to achieve this target. We are ready to respond now with the Solaraay water heating system, to be followed by a suite of products to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding green marketplace.
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